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The “Tradition” range

The traditional range respects tradition with wood that is air dried for 24 months.  This range represents the perfect alliance between the natural tannin of the oak and the toasting molecules so as to bring richness and complexity to the wines; therefore offering a selection of aromas ranging from vanilla to gingerbread depending on the selection of the wood and the density of the toasting. A partnership between yourself and the Cooperage will allow us to better define the right balance for your needs. We offer oaks originating from the best selection of French forests chosen for their gustative and olfactory characters as well as a traditional toast - nice and smooth - so as to generate many aromatic components.  A toast adapted to your choice:

Light, Medium, M+ or Toasted


The “Elégance” Range

For the finesse of your wines and the balance of the aromas, your best choice is the “Elégance” range.  Oaks are selected within a precise French region known for the richness of its soil and its climate.  A specific and natural drying guarantees refined, elegant and smooth aromas while respecting the fruit.  An adapted toast will obtain velvety aromatic characteristics. A specific toast for each selection. :

Blonde, Medium, available in 225l, 228l, 265l or 300l.


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